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Jerome Myers

Investor, Educator, Philanthropist


I went to a good school, bought a house, had a good job, and all of the other stuff tied to the American Dream. I followed the system and I still felt empty and if I had to guess you are reading this book because you are searching for answers. You are reading this book because you know there is something wrong. Have you asked yourself, “Is there more?” Have you witnessed a small child talk about all of the amazing things they plan to do in their life? Isn’t that such an amazing phenomenon to be a part of?I bet your dream isn’t dead! If you pause you can remember what that thing is that you always wanted but decided you didn’t need anymore. Why do we decide not to experience life as children do? Is it because our parents robbed our innocence with the Santa lie or did we let “them” kill our dreams?See our Tribe of Dreamcatchers unlock the hidden potential in successful, self-motivated individuals who have the desire to take their life’s work to the next level but understand they need support to evolve. We work with those individuals assisting them in realizing their wildest dreams by providing education, inspiration, and direction. Our simple and effective achievement strategies in the areas of prosperity, health, relationships, career, significance, and self-image are the cornerstone to beginning their evolution. We have been waiting for you – Won’t you join us?

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