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If you already have a business doing between $10,000 and $50,000 dollars per month in revenue and you are looking for a way to grow what's already working for you, then we should talk!

If you are a top Financial Advisors, Real Estate Syndicators, Coaches, and Consultants who is already having success and your clients are more like raving fans and you are looking to scale, then we are certain we can help get the results you are looking for! 

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We've found so many people try to get to the next level without following the proper sequence which leads to false starts, missteps and loss of momentum!

Sound familiar?

It was an all to familiar occurrence for so many people in founder Jerome Myers' sphere of influence.

He decided something had to be done about it so he created the D.R.E.A.M. Process.





MATURATE your growth

Want a self-sufficient business—and a life you love?

Our clients are trading the grind for the life of their wildest dreams by adopting and implementing our model for a centered life also known as the Red Pill. When you take the Red Pill you begin the journey of reducing stress, improving your health, creating wealth and leaving a lasting legacy.

Solve your business frustrations.

The six layers of the Red Pill Model are based on an inside out approach. This is why you have to take the red pill!

The first level is


When working in this level you clarify your guiding principles, identify roadblocks and adopt an empowering outlook.

Once you have done that you move to level to which is


In this part of the model you identify which relationships are draining, uninspiring, underutilized, and mutually beneficial. You then decide how to move the uninspiring and under utilized to mutually beneficial and end those that are draining.

From there we move to level three which is


. At this level the goal is to increase your satisfaction in the workplace by increasing your influence and impact.

When you have successfully moved through the first three levels you will experience a

significant reduction of stress.

This allows you to focus on your


Doing that will create more energy, reduce mind fog and increase your lifespan.

Improved health will then help you create and enjoy


When we turn our attention to focus on this level you will improve your time, talent and treasures.

Once you have put your proverbial "mask on first" you will be ready to make meaningful and positive impact outside of your home and achieve


Imagine actually becoming IMMORTAL and leaving the


you've always dreamed of....

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